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Musical Theatre

This class is separated according to ability. These are demanding, challenging, yet stimulating classes in which children are treated as though they are at Broadway rehearsals. There are two performances a year that incorporate group numbers, solos, and duets. Students work with award winning and Broadway credited choreographers. They learn how to sing, dance, and act focusing on their strengths and developing their weaknesses. Many industry professionals attend the final show. Classes are ninety minutes long.

Children's Song and Dance

This class is for young children and is designed to get them excited for a career in theatre. In each class, the students dress up, use props, and sing with a live accompanist. Children learn the basics of how to hold a microphone, where to look and how to feel comfortable on stage. At the end of the semester, there is a show which each child is featured in and includes group numbers, solos and duets.


Instructors are theatre, film and television veterans. Some are even professors at universities such as NYU. Classes encourage risk taking, demand hard work and provide a safe environment for students to experiment. Classes are separated by ability. Final performances include an original play, or a showcase of monologues and scenes. Many industry professionals attend these shows. Classes are ninety minutes long.

Commercial / Improv

This class is designed to teach the basics of acting focusing on commercial copy, audition technique, as well as improvisations. This is the only class without a production as the focus is on the training and preperation for potential auditions.

Private Voice and Acting Instruction

Available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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